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Kalala Beach Resort

Hadakamali, Wula Waijelu, East Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara
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Ibu Yohana
+62 813 53976282

The Experience


This isn’t a surf camp. This is a place of relaxation and winding down your frequency level. The waves area just a bonus. This part of sumba is  exposed to the open ocean and swells are often born here. Stay in Bali in you are a group of wave hungry punters. Great waves here are just a bonus. We love barrels more than anyone, but love smiling just as much.



There are deep trenches just off the sleepy coast of this province. Fish migrate all along these areas attracting some of the best game fishing and sea life on the planet. With strong currents and sardine seasons , this makes Weijelu Bay a Mecca for sports and recreational fishermen. Billfish, Large G.T’s, Tuna, Spanish Mackerel and Snapper constantly work the bay. Fly fishing off the beach, spear-fishing, and of course game fishing are the methods used. We only catch what we need to eat on the day. Catch and release is a habit and mentality we encourage.


Anyone who had a hard day in the office knows the feeling of wanting to go to some remote, natural paradise away from the influence of any ‘headache’ potential. A place where it feels like you’ve gone back in time to where and when the basic necessities are all you need. You turn off your phone and take your watch off, simplifiying and going back to the basics to enjoy life again. Life is too short to waste it stressing.




The freshest produce with no pesticide chemicals. Free range poultry and best seafood caught on the same day of preperation. Melt in your mouth flavours specially put together by Mr. David himself. Avacado, lobster salad, octopus Greek salad, BBQ rabbit fish, the list goes on. Everyday will have different flavours depending on the fresh ingredients gathered on the day. Many customers return only for the food.


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